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Premium WiFi Options

Holly Lake Campsites is offering premium WiFi service to allow you, our valued guests, to stay connected to the world while staying with us.

Steps to connect to the Internet:

  1. Turn on your computer or restart if it is on standby.

  2. Select Holly Lake network and click "connect".

  3. Open your browser (i.e. Chrome, FireFox, IE)

  4. Select the address bar and type in

  5. If you have previously created a WiFi account at any Tengolnternet property, select "Login" and enter your username and password. Otherwise, if you are a first time user, select "Register and create your WiFi account"

  6. Select WiFi plan on the following screen:

    1. If you select a FREE plan, click "Launch Session" and you will be taken to the Internet.
    2. If you select a PAID plan, click "Launch Session" and you will be taken to a page to enter your billing & credit card information.
    3. Once that is completed & entered you will be taken to the Internet.

Please Note: Purchasing a different plan will be added to the end of your original purchased or free time unless you use a new username and password.

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